It may cross your mind as to how does one import pictures, what do you mean by importing pictures? It is the process of transferring pictures from a digital camera or microSD [secure digital] memory card. Just by connecting the camera or by inserting the memory card into the computer, all kinds of pictures can be easily transferred. It can be done from one electronic gadget to another without any hassle. Its added advantage is that it is a very fast working process, roughly taking about 20 seconds only.


The USB cable of the digi cameras connected to the adapter on the side of the device.


The opposite end of the USB cable is to be plugged into the computer’s USB port. Wait for about 1-3 minutes before the connection is established, to continue any further action on the computer.


Keep the power of the camera on by pressing and holding its red power button until the camera’s LCD screen is activated.


In the dialog box in the lower corner of the screen, an empty data form will appear where you have to type a new name to give your folder. So when the photos are imported, they will come out in the new folder with a specific name.


Now click on the import button in the dialog box to transfer all the pictures from the digicamera’s USB sync cable or the microSD memory card. The pictures will automatically be moved to the new folder you have created.

This process can be considered as a moderately easy one, which can be understood by one and all. There are a few things like [a computer with USB ports; a digital camera; the USB sync of the camera; and a MicroSD card] which will be required in order to import the pictures you want.


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