Get Multiple Internet Explorer Versions on your PC

Internet Explorer does not have the feature to allow users to install and use its multiple versions. Whenever a new version is installed, the new IE overwrites the existing version. In this way none of the previous versions can coexist. This is useful for daily users who just utilize IE for net surfing. However, the web developers might find the need to have multiple versions to carry out a few testing or to update some features.

Getting Multiple IE versions in the same PC is very simple, owing to the Multiple IE solutions. Multiple IE is a freeware and an executable file which has IE 3.0, IE 4.01, IE 5.01, IE 5.5, and IE 6.0, and the latest versions too. All these versions are available in one package and after installing this, all the versions of IE will be installed in your computer simultaneously.

If you desire not to have any particular version you can always uncheck it before installation. After installation you can run any version of IE from the start menu. To make it convenient for you to recognize which version of IE is running, the version is displayed on the title bar.

Windows XP is the only Operating System that supports the Multiple IE.

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