Know who else is logging into your Facebook Account now !

This was a must feature that should have been added to Facebook long ago. There are some loop holes in FaceBook using which two people can be logged into the same account at the same time. Now, FaceBook outsmarted all those folks who used to play prank or spy on their spouses / friends account by logging in to someone else’s account at the same time.

Steps to turn on extra security to keep track of people who log into your account without your permission:

  1. Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Click on Account Settings –> and then Account Security –> Click on Change.
  3. Here you’ll find an option which says:
  4. Add extra protection to your Facebook account:

    Login Notifications

    Get notified by SMS or email if a new computer or mobile device logs into your account.

  5. Select the radio button ON and click on Save button.

One you save, you are done. Now every time if anyone else logs into your account from any other machine other than the one you would have registered initially, you’ll get an SMS or an E-Mail (whatever option you’ve selected). This way you can track who else is accessing your FaceBook account



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