• aricssondabest

    @aqsa you could do it with the same browser open the settings and it says new incognite window click and a a new tab will open it should let you sign into it with a different account

  • robin kiesler

    our computer crashed..we got it back up..now we have 2 facebook accounts…i want 2 delete one an keep one how do i do that..an not lose them both…

  • robin kiesler

    will deleting an account user delete the facebook account as well

  • Hello Friends….

    Here is a tutorial to use Multi Login with Mozilla Firefox.

    1. You Must Download Mozilla Add Ons in the following link:
    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ie-tab/ (This Mozilla Add-Ons allows us to open Internet Explorer Tabs through Mozilla.)

    2. Click Download -> Add To Firefox -> Install -> Restart Mozilla Firefox

    To open your other account, open a blank new tab, or
    press on the keyboard CTRL + T.

    In a new tab, see Bottom Right, click the logo for Mozilla Firefox, then. An Internet Explorer tab opens. Type the address you want visit in the Address bar browser, such as Facebook, Mail,Twitter and so forth.

  • @robin kiesler

    no that wont delete it.. after u deactivate ur profile .. when ever u want u can just type n ur email adress and ur password[ the ones that you used before] and VOILA! you have ur old ACCOUNT IN front of you…

  • @Aqsa
    friend instead of using google chrome i would advise you tu use mozilla Firefox… a better browser with a very good browsing speed and aall types of EXTENSIONS…..

    [p/s; read the comment #50….. thank you…

  • Use Google Chrome,
    Press Ctrl + Shift + N (New INCOGNITO Window)

  • Cynthia Hindmarch

    I am on someone else’s facebook account who used my computer to log in, now I can’t get on my own.

  • after creating my another facebook i have lost my first facebook. now can’t login my first fb

  • jehangir

    hi, i have facebook credits in one account, can i transfer them to an other account ? or is there a way to use my facebook credits from an other of my facebook account to buy something from the apps?

  • Melonie

    I use both my personal Facebook account and work Facebook account at the same time, all the time. Is there a program where I can use & get notification from both accounts at the same time with separate icons on my desktop? Also is there an app for your phone to do this on the road>

  • Me

    Google Chrome lets you do this. I go to Facebook and login, then go to settings, incognito new window. Go to Facbook.com on the new window and login.

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