How Can I Make Free Calls To Friends On Internet - True Freedom 'Fringing'

Fring, is a service that helps you keep in touch with your friends, family and business contacts no matter where you are traveling. Download and install Fring on your mobile phone and you can connect to MSN Messenger, Google Talk (gTalk), AIM, Skype, ICQ, Twitter and Yahoo messenger. You can make mobile-to-pc, mobile-to-mobile and pc-to-mobile calls to your contacts who have internet connection and are connected to the net at the same time when you are.

You can check the status of your contact before calling them. If your contact is online, you can make free calls as most of the services I mentioned above allow free calling. If in case they are not online, then you can call on their phones at much cheaper rate than the regular costly airtime minutes. You can also chat for free with them instead of SMSing.

If you are using your skype account, then you can make cheap calls to landlines and regular cellular contacts who do not have fring installed on their cell phones. You can do this using your SkypeOut account or SIP provider.

All this comes free, all you need is a mobile phone. You don’t need Wi-Fi or any other special hardware.

How Can I Make Free Calls To Friends On Internet - True Freedom 'Fringing'

Fring is, now available on the App store as well, making it easy for iPhone users. Fring can be easily integrated with the original iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone 3G, once you download fring on the App Store.

True Freedom 🙂



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