How Can I Make Money Reading E-Mails From Home In India ?

Well even before I write this post, I’d like to tell my readers that there are a lot more legitimate and better programs, methods to make money, but as in any other business, a lot of dedication, patience and hard-work is required to make money from home.

This is for those who’d want to make money easily from home, doing absolutely nothing. So please read on..

RupeeMail is the site that gives you the opportunity to earn money from home reading emails. You get paid 1 Rs / every email read that’s roughly around 2 cents !! I know it’s a bummer but something is better than nothing :).

So what’s special about Rupeemail ?

1. Recipients get paid instantly when they open RupeeMail.
2. Senders are known and accountable.
3. The sender sets the face value of the stamp.
4. Content of the RupeeMail is invisible until the recipient opens the RupeeMail
5. Recipient can redeem his/her accumulated earnings anytime.
6. RupeeMail deploys patented OIV Technology
to make origin authentication economically.
7. RupeeMail is easily distinguishable from SPAM.
8. And best of all it’s free !

PS: I’ve never tried this program nor am I endorsing it. I personally do not involve in such schemes, as it is just a waste of my time, which I’m better of investing in something more worthwhile and valuable.


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