How Can I Make Windows Vista Look And Feel Like Windows XP?

Change is not easily accepted by all. When people are accustomed to ‘something’ and that ‘something’ works just fine, it not only becomes difficult but a challenging task to convince people to change, and try ‘something new’ ! But Microsoft knows how to twist your arms and force you to change 😉

I’m one of those pro XP guys, not that I have anything against Vista, just that I am so used to XP, that I do not want to shift over to Vista. But Microsoft will eventually force you to shift over to Vista (you have no choice when they openly stop supporting XP 🙁 ), and you will someday, find yourself staring at an unfamiliar Vista dashboard ( This trick will say you whenever that day comes for you 🙂 ).

It is easy to make your Windows Vista Look and Feel like Windows XP now:

1> Start by changing the Start menu: Right click the Start button,
2> Choose Properties,
3> Select Classic Start Menu,
4> Click OK.
5> Next, bring back the desktop, Right click a blank part of the desktop,
6> Choose Personalize,
7> Choose Theme and then choose Windows Classic from the Theme pull-down menu,
8> Click OK.
9> Open your Documents folder from the Start menu,
10> Click the Organize button,
11> Choose Folder And Search Options,
12> Choose Use Windows Classic Folders and Click OK.

and that’s it. You have a Windows XP look and feel Vista. By following the above mentioned steps, not only will you get Windows XP look and feel on your system, you’ll speed up and old struggling PC, which otherwise will struggle to keep up with Vista’s heavy, fancy graphics !


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