WordPress has brought forth fresh features basically related to SMS control for posts, with the intention of creating a more safe and interesting blogging atmosphere namely WordPress Text. Messaging helps users manage their blogs remotely and instantly thereby bringing about more interaction through SMS.

You can consider this feature extremely safe, for the simple reason that you will be notified of any change in theme or settings through a simple SMS to your phone. Although users throughout the US only can avail this service at present, users across the globe can expect to avail this service at t he earliest. By paying an extra $20, users can benefit from the many other features too:

1] A two-step login process-where an SMS holding a pass code is sent to you when you log into your dashboard. It is mandatory that you enter the code before you access your blog.

2] Text notifications –providing users with notifications regarding any latest news, comments with the option to reply or delete any comments.

3] Any newly published posts are notified.

4] Ability to publish easy updates to your blog.

The interesting thing is that iPhone, Android or Blackberry users have no necessity to pay extra $20 because WordPress mobile apps present almost similar features as the new text messaging options and also include options to fit in pictures and videos, edit or draft new ones.


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