7 Zip is a free utility tool that offers the highest ratio in file compression. It optimizes the high tech f7z format that offers better and high quality compression results. Users claim that the results of the 7 zip compression are 35-50 per cent better than other standard ZIP tools. This tool is easily compatible with operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows Vista. In addition, it is compatible with the older versions of the Windows too.

This tool has an open architecture which can be easily understood by both novice and experienced users. It has the capacity to compress bulks of files at a real fast pace. It is loaded with a powerful AES-256 encryption tool that efficiently encrypts all your stored files and data. Further, it has the capacity to convert files among numerous formats. The output result in form of compressed files occupies very less space from your hard disk’s space. Moreover, the files saved in this format can be conveniently shared with online users.

This tool bears an amazing inbuilt capacity for automatically extracting portions from files saved in 7z formats. It bears features to allow strong integration with Windows Shell. It has a potent File Manager that manages all your compressed files. It has support for around 69 languages. This application is available for free download. It is an excellent open source software available at zero cost to all the online users. Further, there is no need for installing any additional plug-in, software or application to launch its features on your system. You simply need to visit the website and download the link to activate it.

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