Google chrome has the added feature of getting automatically updated whenever a new version of the browser is available. The great advantage of this browser is that the update process does not require user interface. Although the update process occurs silently without prompting the user it may be time consuming and may be delayed due to load and propagation time from Google Servers.

If you are a technology wizard and cannot stand to function with older versions of software and browsers you may want to consider manually upgrading the Google chrome browser. You may follow the given steps to get the updated version of your Google chrome.

If you are using windows all you need to do is click the tools menu and select about Google chrome there. If the updates are currently available, an Update button will be visible. You may simply click the button and the updates will be downloaded and installed. To use the latest version you will simply have to restart the browser after closing the browser window.

If you are using Mac you will simply have to select Chrome in the tool bar and then select about Google chrome. In case any new updates are available which have not been installed yet a Update Now button will be active. You simply have to click this button to update your browser.

If Google Chrome is installed in your Applications folder, or if it is detected that glitches may be faced during an update attempt, you may find a Set Up Automatic Updates for All Users button in the About window. You will also find this button in a banner at the top of the browser window on initiating Google Chrome. You may click this button and verify to ensure that Google Chrome will be able to keep itself updated. If you are using Linux you may need to use your package manager to check for updates.


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