Steps To Reset Main Password in Firefox

Nowadays, Mozilla Firefox has completely ruled out any other browsers with their tight security.  They have a highly powerful, tight and user friendly password manager. You can store and retrieve your username and password, just in case you tend forget at times. Firefox provides a great facility in these matters. Now, the main question arises is that what should be done if you have unfortunately forgotten the actual code word for the Mozilla Firefox password manager.

Resetting your master password for Mozilla Firefox is very easy and trouble-free but there is one disadvantage, which is, all the saved information will be erased including your saved passwords and username. After the master password is reset, Firefox will sort your password and username, automatically, in the process.

The steps for resetting password are as simple as it reads. Following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox by clicking firefox icon on the desktop or from the program option in the start menu.
  • Paste the below mentioned link in the address bar:


  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • A notification box will appear to finish the resetting process. You will then need to click on reset button and that’s it, alls done.


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