One of the most problematic features of web mail is the inability to log into multiple accounts of Yahoo mail, Gmail or Hotmail etc at the same time. This restriction is because the browser sessions usually share the cookies, login information and other related information among its multiple tabs and windows. So, if you are signed in to your Yahoo mail account in one window and try to login to a different Yahoo mail account in a new tab or window, you will first have to sign out of your earlier mail. This restriction spans across all your session oriented websites like shopping on Ebay or Amazon. Also known as session merging, this feature can be quite frustrating for a user and often required the accounts being opened in different browsers to enable this function.

Fortunately for you Internet Explorer 8 has come up with the solution for this problem. Unlike the earlier IE versions, you can now choose to open a number of accounts belonging to the same email service provider simultaneously as different window sessions.

To enable this function in your IE account, you need to go to the option File in your first session window. Select New Session to open up a new window and use a different mail account of the same service provider. The command line option for this IE 8 feature is iexplore.exe -nomerge

To avail a direct IE8 shortcut allows you to always open IE in a nomerge mode. For this you need to create a shortcut on your desktop and select Properties. Now edit the target to include Nomerge. This feature is a great asset for the web mail users who have multiple accounts with the same service provider. Try it and get rid of the frustrating problem of session merging.

So, using this feature, you can open multiple Gmail accounts, FaceBook Accounts, Yahoo Accounts, MySpace Accounts, Hotmail Accounts and all other email or shopping services account from one browser, ie Internet Explorer 8.

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