Tabbed browsing also referred to as Tabbed Document Interface (TDI) has become a regular feature in all the major web browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This feature enables you to open multiple websites or documents in a single browser window. Viewing these pages is a simple matter of just clicking the tabs by selecting the New Tab button on the tab row or pressing CTRL+T. To view a link in a new tab, you need to right click the link and select “Open in New Tab”.

This feature not only makes it easier for you to switch between the websites, making navigation easier but also clears up the presence of a large number of items on the taskbar. Moreover the organization of your web searches, price comparisons under one window leads to the consumption of less memory and operating system resources.

Unfortunately for users of Internet Explorer 8, this feature is not activated by default as the browser tends to open all its links in a new window. To allow the links to be open in a New tab, go to Tools and select Internet Options. Under the General tab, locate the “Change how web pages are displayed in tabs” section. Click on the Settings button displayed next to this option. Under the “Tabbed Browsing Settings”, Select the option for “Always open pop ups in new tab“. Click Ok to save your settings and activated tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 8. To open a new tab select the new tab button next to the first tab, key in the address and open the second webpage in a new tab. To close a tab simply click the close button next to the tab. While certain browsers provide for storage of tabs for later resumption, this feature has yet to be included in Internet Explorer 8.


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