How Can I Permanently Delete My Facebook Account ?

Before you delete your account permanently be sure that’s what you want to do, because once you delete it you won’t be able to retrieve it.

If you are not sure that you will never use that account again then go ahead and permanently delete your account. Once you delete it, you’ll not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or or information you have added.

1> Go to ,

2> Click on SUBMIT only if you are sure you want to delete the account.

3> Once you click on Submit, you’ll be taken to a page, where upon clicking OKAY your account will be permanently deleted forever.

How Can I Permanently Delete My Facebook Account ?

You’ll be given a chance to reactivate it by logging into your account within next 14 days after deleting the account. Once you login you’ll be given the option to cancel your request. You can rethink about your decision.

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  1. Hi, there is no way to reduce spam comments. What you can do is monitor them. The plugin called ‘Askimet’ should help you. Also ensure that comments on your website are moderated. That way, they do not show up until you approve them. Hope it helps.

  2. I want to delete my Facebook account on all my devices. However, the information provided on this website is worthless. If anyone can tell how to permanently rid myself of Facebook and it’s annoying contacts, please let me know.

  3. Please remove my “Account” i have reopened time and time again,
    and you’ve claimed you deactivated it but i have too wait two weeks ,this should be quick work since you have our Pass-words for them , how else can we sign in with out giving you our password DELETE!!

  4. HOW TO DELETE (short version) Go
    show_form=delete_account Click
    “Submit” and follow the instructions.
    Read below – click (read more) – for
    important information! Please, don’t
    skip this.

  5. Time to close when words like really bad and children are on facebook and I’m not going to be a part of it. The Lord would not be pleased with me for being part of it!!!!!

  6. I want to delete my facebook account so my wife can put her name on my email address. She needs her name on the facebook account so her friends will know who is trying to contact her. Please email me with any information. Also I forgot my password because i don’t use facebook.
    My wife tried to get her email account on this computer and it didn’t work but it changed my email from [email protected] to [email protected].
    Please help !!!!
    Thank you, Richard Morgan [email protected]

  7. Because I can’t remember a pass word that I don’t use I can’t go further
    to permanently delete my old face book account. I want to be rid of the pop ups that are constand. Please give me a simple way to be rid of
    facebook permanently.

  8. plz cancel my account bcoz sumbody hacked my account nd he changed password also so plz help me nd stop my account if he reopens den also dont open it its a request

  9. how well i know what if he get on there i don,t want it anymore if i well see after 14 days if you delete for good. it is oct 30, count down start now, thank you if you e,mail me i well tired to get it like i say all my e,mail go to spam!!!!! the hacker well not leaves me alone

  10. Can you please delete my Facebook account permanently. I’ve deleted temporarly but please delete my account permanently Asap. bcz someoneelse created this fb account using my name so please delet it permanenetly.

  11. Can you please delete my Facebook account permanently. I’ve deleted temporarly but please delete my account permanently as soon as possible because someoneelse created this facebook account using my name so please delet it permanenetly.

  12. its very very bad !! i bow to you delete your accounts and those who have not log in never doit!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.its just a stupid, nonesence, idiot, very bad idea! i hate this reticulas invention!

  13. Pls delete my facebook account,wen i tried it someone has changed my password,so could ot delete,plss help me in any way.

  14. I have tried to get back on facebook since November of 2011 . . .
    I do not have my password ! ! ! I have put SO MANY different ones in because of that awful opening page . . . that I don’t know any of them any more. I just want OUT ! ! ! Please delete my accout ! ! !
    Tigi Spaeth Scott

  15. plz cancel my account bcoz sumbody hacked my account nd he changed password also so plz help me nd stop my account if he reopens den also dont open it its a request


  17. Facebook can go &%#¤ themselves. All they do is hoarde your personal info. everything you do on facebook is saved, even when you delete it. Facebook does not have any legal reason for what they are doing, which is buiding secret profiles of their users for some shadowy reason.

  18. i did the same procedure as told and as shown it showed that my account will be deleted within 14 days ……but everyday the day keeps on increasing…
    in the sense that if earlier it showed the deadline as 6th april then when the next day i check it,it becomes 8th or 9th april.
    pls help me understand and sought it out.

  19. maybe you could explain why I would want facebook when for the past 2 months I get OOPS PAGE IS MISSING . but now they\you have hidden in yahoo mail and says different dialogue but with the same results.
    now if you can explain this to me I will say thanks but as of now I can see nothing except a program taking up space I could use

  20. hell u cant even do a delet right let alone run a game u frontier vill takes u stuff a building or two aint shit to hell with it an u
    delet my account because even your sumit botton dont work right

  21. Please delete my facebook account if i open my facebook account they was not opened there one notice given that is conform …… how i solve this problem

  22. Please remove my name from Facebook I find nothing worth while—I far to busy to deal with this–please understand–my warm regards—Brig LAP Kamath,VSM Bangalore Mobile: 9880704648

  23. @Sandip Gupta – You cannot delete your account temporarily, however you can suspend it. Are you ok with suspending your account temporarily ?

  24. Facebook needs to review and upgrade its privacy policies to a more acceptable standard and make the optingout process more straightforward. What proof does one have that once you click delete my account, they actually do it and not just tell you they’ve done it, merely obfuscating it for some later purpose? A word to the wise – don’t share personal info, if you must, use FB for business, other than that – pick up the phone or write an email to your friends, that is much more real than ‘poking’ them or ‘liking’ their page.

  25. hi
    as per the instruction when i am following to delete the account after clicking on submit it is not moving further to the next page

  26. can u delete cupid account on my facebook wall pls as early as possible iam suffering a lot so please……….

  27. i have ben block acused of spam i have not spam no one i haben nice to everyone you block me twice first you said some one was on my account now you say i spam that is a lie i am pres of a hoa in nevada i have inform the board i will get a new system i am sure you will here from them all i want is for you to release my account where i can contact my people not private imfor on the walllet me know tonight what you will do or cancel me out

  28. pls delete my face book account with in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. some month before i made an yahoo account and based on this i made facebook account but unfortunately it is deactivaed by yahoo now i cant access my facebook account so i want to delete my facebook account .How can i do it?

  30. Every time i try to click on the link you provided to remove my facebook account, it keeps sending me to the sign in page where there is no submit to click on. Is this an over ride that facebook has in place?


  32. There are to many frauds that keep sending me messages and one in particular won’t quit. He is a Cross Dresser and I don’t need his messages coming to my account.Please delete FACE BOOK Permanently from my Computer. Thanks Kerry

  33. you people have no right to change things on facebook that can literaly confuse someone with alzhimer,it isn’t even smart. she had it down pst and spent several hours a day entertaining herself with facebook,but now that u have made this derastic change she is lost and there is no teaching someone in this condition. I feel this is very desterbing and u should be shut down completly. how would u feel if it were your love one????? would never of been touched,Huhhhh !!!!! go under for your selfish act.

  34. thats exactly what i did but my account isnt deleted yet and now i cant log in anymore to remove or hide my details. its just really annoying. Facebook should just make it simple.

  35. How do I permanently delete my account?
    If you deactivate your account from the “Deactivate Account” section o…
    If you deactivate your account from the “Deactivate Account” section on the Account page, your profile and all information associated with it are immediately made inaccessible to other Facebook users. What this means is that you effectively disappear from the Facebook service. However, if you want to reactivate at some point, we do save your profile information (friends, photos, interests, etc.), and your account will look just the way it did when you deactivated if you decide to reactivate it. Many users deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and expect their information to be there when they return to the service.

    If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, please keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. If you would like your account permanently deleted with no option for recovery, log in to your account and then submit your request here.

  36. i want to delete my face book for permanent. please help me to delete my orkut face book. delete it forever plese help me……….

  37. In the past few weeks I have received emails that have inappropriate pictures. Therefore I need my FaceBoook account deleted completely. If in the future you can control the email content better may rejoin. Two of those emails were pornographic. Others were very close to being pornographic.

    LeRoy Eaton

  38. realy thx very much some one hacked my acc after log off it sends to eny acc FUCKYOU 🙁 REALLY THANKS


  39. bobby :i want to delete my face book for permanent. please help me to delete my orkut face book. delete it forever

    i want to delete my face book for permanent

  40. i want to delete my face book for permanent. please help me to delete my orkut face book. delete it forever

  41. Hopefully this helps- I deleted my Facebook account months ago. Sometimes I clear my cookies and browser history several times a day. I use Firefox on a Linux box.

    I visited a page on the Facebook site doing some research – about 3 months after deleting my account.

    The thing showed my user name and had the password field filled in and was asking me for to log in! She’s not sleeping. She never sleeps!

    So… I think I finally killed the sucker- I’ll follow up if this didn’t work.

    I found a file in my home directory (I’m not sure where Windows users would find it…) called “.face” so I tried to open it with two simple text editors Vi and Gedit- Notepad would be a Windows equivalent to Gedit. Nothing was legible. This told me that the .face file was some kind of binary file or something.

    I used an overwrite utility called “shred” to get rid of the sucker.

    Then I went into the stored passwords and logins in my browser. The Facebook username and password were still there. I deleted them also. Then I cleared the history and cookies from the browser, closed the browser and re-opened it.

    I went back to the same Facebook page that offered to let me log back in and my username and password fields were blank.

    One thing to also remember- when you delete your Facebook account following Facebook’s instructions the tell you you can re-open the account anytime simply by logging back into your account using your old email address and password- in other words they’re keeping your info forever folks!

    Fortunately I didn’t have anything worth hiding regarding my account but… geeze!

  42. Thank you for providing instructions on how to permanently delete Facebook accounts rather than just deactivate them. Social networking has become overrated, and I’m very uncomfortable with how FB is worming its way into every facet of the internet!

  43. @Peggy – Create a new account. Do you go to the account by default when you go to , chances are that the previous user has checked the ‘keep me signed in’ box and that’s why you end up on to his account. You can create a separate account without worrying about the other account.

  44. there are some pretty stupid people on this website…
    Shouting in the comments you want to get rid of facebook doesn’t give the owner of this site the power to delete it for you…

    And you don;t know the difference between a website and a program on your computer you maybe shouldn;t be using computers in the first place…

  45. After growing tired of Facebook like many others here, I attempted to delete my account. After my first attempt was unsuccessful, I googled for the answer to my problem. What I found was all I had to do was to not login for two weeks and it would be gone forever… NOT TRUE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! I deleted my account on 4/29/10 and I logged in today to find my account exactly the way I left it back in April. Infuriated, I googled again… This time it was because someone else had signed into facebook on my computer and the cookie or something tripped up the deletion process which makes me not a happy camper… This is why I am building my own social networking site call, a place that will be private from the second you sign up until YOU choose to share your information with the world. For more information check out…Coming Soon! 🙂



  47. i would like to permanently delete my facebook account. I only have it on my computer at work. I cant get to it. How do i get rid of it please tell me.

  48. i want to delete my FB acct because its a big mess. Can I start ofver again with a new FB with the same email addy?

  49. My mother changed from att to gmail and instead of going into he old account and changing the e-mail she created an account under the new address. Needless to say her friends are all on the old account and I can no longer change to the new e-mail address because an account already exists. I have tried twice to delete the new account. i waited 14 days – there are no friends on there to provide activity and the account fails to delete. She is 87 and wants to see the pictures of her grandchildren but they no longer come to her account because of the e-mail change. My family and I would turn to another social network in protest but there seems to be no way to to delete. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The BAD NEWS is, what I have gathered, that even if you delete your Face Book account your data is still intact and backed up and open for Big Brother, the pigs in the New World Order, intelligence agencies on the planet and the likes to access at every second of the day. The New World Order wants your mind and life to control! Resist The New Word Order. Say no to a one world government, one currency and microchip implants now.

  51. Hello, Ive lost my facebook password for about 3 months now & I can’t get on to my email address to get it back because I’ve lost that to 🙁 could someone please tell me if there’s a way to get it back or delete it without logging in? Because all my friends keep leaving me comments & I can’t reply, please help, email me with answers [email protected]

  52. I keep trying the steps above and my account is not deleting, it keeps reactivating and i do nothing to reactivate it, i dont even log in. I have tried changing my password and everything. please help.

  53. thanks a lot for giving this information so easily. the page got loaded easily. within 2min my account was deactivated…….finally got rid of FUCKING FACEBOOK

  54. i would like my face book GONE.. i dont want it to show up any more.. meaning this stupid just reactivate it does not make sence i dont want the account anymore… its just a waste of time.. and causeing problems.. please delete the whole account and info thanks you!

  55. @Tommie – I don’t think that’s possible. Do you mean to say gone away from Google’s index or deleted from Facebook itself.
    If it’s the former, then you’ll have to wait till Google indexes or re-indexes and nobody can take a call on that.
    If you want to delete it from Facebook, then then effect is immediate. The moment you delete it, it’s not available to others, but you’ll have an option to re-open it, with in 14 days, if you want to.

  56. I’ll add that I have already changed the password, then used it to log in. This problem is NOT related to typing the wrong password. You are not crazy!

  57. @Weyn – May be the servers at Facebook was down and that was causing the problem. Request a new password and try logging into your account before you try to delete the account. Once you are sure that it’s working fine, the guess you should try deleting it. Let me know how the password retrieval goes !

  58. Just to add, my Internet connection is fine, and was fine while I was trying to delete. It took a whole hour for the dialog box to appear, so to kill time I was surfing other websites in the net. My Internet connection could not have interrupted that process.

  59. The funniest and most frustrating thing happened today.

    I clicked on the link you gave, hit Submit, and waited a whoooooooole hour before the next step began. By then, I was just like, Let’s get this over with. So I type in my password, and the Security Check, and hit Submit again.

    Then the same box appears, saying:
    Incorrect Email/Password Combination

    What the heck??
    See, I’ve logged in today, for too many times using the same password.
    There can’t be any mistake. I’ve even typed it on Notepad and pasted that on the Password box. I’ve been trying to delete it for more than 20 times, in one sitting. If time is money, I’m drying up.

  60. I created a “page” on facebook for a business. I accidentally converted it to a personal profile. Facebook’s Help says you *can* convert a page to a profile, but you can *not* convert from profile to page. So if I delete (not just deactivate, but totally delete) the profile, will the page also be deleted? (currently, both seem to exist.) If the page is deleted with the profile, will I be able to re-create the *page* using my business name? (currently, the profile has the business name.)

  61. I have tried to delete my facebook account, and it keeps saying an error in doing so. Please delete my account!

  62. @Denise – If it’s less than 14 days since this happened, you can contact FaceBook team and request them to reinstate the account. Also, make sure you delete his id from secondary account. When you make it a secondary account, it deletes the previous account by default.

  63. I have a related question. I accidently deleted my son’s Facebook account when a tried to add an extra e-mail contact to my Facebook. That email was the one his Facebook was attached to. Once the email became associated with my account his account disapperered. Is there a way to re-access his account? We’ve had no luck with Facebook. Thanks!

  64. I wanted to delete my Facebook account due to no response from Facebook in over three weeks. I have been requesting an email for a Password reset to no avail. My frustration grew when I had to input my password to delete my account. All I can say is “WHAT THE HELL?” Who is writing your programs? Obviously, they are not getting paid the big bucks of the GREAT CEO!

    You can definitely tell the customer service or lack there of experienced by me and all the others who were locked out and also looking for answers is making an impact on Facebook…Especially, when I googled “How do I delete my Facebook Account?” and over 15,000,000 people had googled the question before me. (You might want to start paying attention to the Data)

    I think Harvard forgot to teach you a couple things…You can’t market a product without customer service…Maybe you should have spent some of your millions teaching your staff how to do basic operations: answering emails, talking on the phone, coming into work, turning on a computer, etc…

    All I can say is…Grow up!!! It was your idea to start this business at a young age…If you and your crew can’t handle it…Give it up!! You can’t continue to receive an “F” from the BBB in Customer Service for long!

    I’ll be watching!


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