Sleek and Tiny Portable Palm Phone Jammer

The Portable Palm Phone Jammer does pretty much what the name suggests – it jams the phone signals of mobile phones that are within 5-10 meters of the device. This can be a very handy tool in situations where you want to be free of any disturbances – particularly those that might result from the sudden ringing of a cell phone or the beep of an incoming text message.

The Portable Palm Phone Jammer can be thus used in corporate meetings, in the small classrooms during quizzes and lectures, or in an informal music recital with only a handful of people. It is an indispensable tool where you need complete isolation among a gathering of people and can’t trust the people themselves to switch off their cell phones.

These jammers work by blocking either one or both of the incoming and outgoing frequencies of the cell phone. When one of these frequencies is blocked, the cell phone acts as if it is incapable of making / receiving phone calls entirely. However, you should take care that there are strict laws regarding the use of these devices in public places. Make sure that you aren’t breaking any of them while using it.

The main features of this device are:

  • Effective range: around 5-10m
  • Frequencies used: 850MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900MHz
  • Dimensions: Length = 6.8cm, Breadth = 6cm, Thickness = 2cm
  • Weight: approximately 70g

This tool comes for $166, and the package includes a battery and a power adaptor along with the main device. One thing you have to check is whether this jammer is legal in your country. You’d not want to be in any problem by using it, remember ignorance doesn’t mean no punishment !!


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