Using Pinnacle Studio to Play a Video in Reverse

Anybody who has watched the music video of the famous Coldplay single “The Scientist” will admit how cool it is because the whole song has the video running backwards. Many of us amateur video-makers and YouTube uploaders do not know that making such a video is not that hard at all. In fact, you can achieve it with a small number of mouse clicks using the Pinnacle Studio video managing software.

Although one point you have to keep in mind before you use the following trick is that you have to have the RTFX Mega Pack installed to achieve this trick. You can get this from different online stores.

Once you have the RTFX pack installed, here is what you have to do:

  1. Load the video that you want to reverse on to Pinnacle Studio.
  2. Show the Video Effects dialog by selecting the option Toolbox -> Add Video Effects.
  3. There will be typically two panels (two columns): one each for Category and Effect.
  4. In the Category panel, select the option for Standard RTFX, and then a list of related options comes up in the Effect panel, such as Auto Color Correction, Noise Reduction, etc. [shown in the figure below].
  5. Select the option called Speed and click on OK.
  6. In the new dialog that shows up, select the check-box next to Reverse.
  7. Your selected video shall now play in reverse time.

Pinnacle Studio is a licensed software that comes with a 15-day trial version – and the full version can be bought for $99.99. Moreover, the RTFX Mega Pack also costs you a small amount of money.

[ Download Pinnacle Studio ]

However, if you want to achieve the reverse playback effect at zero cost – there are other options to achieve this sweet little trick. One such example is to use the free of cost softwares AviSynth and VideoDub.


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