Playing AVCHD formats like M2TS with Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra

Most of the high definition camcorders that are available in the market nowadays record the videos in the AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format. This encoding requires that your video files are saved with the M2TS file extension. Although a typical camcorder (like the Sony or Panasonic HDR series) will come with bundled applications (such as Picture Motion Viewer) that enable you to view (and sometimes edit) these type of files, you might run into problems every now and then.

Most of the problems result from errors in the registry regarding file associations – thus, as a first line of defense you might want to check the registry file associations with an appropriate registry editing software. However, you can also go ahead and download a third party application that enables you to run the M2TS files.

A well-recommended suggestion in this regard is to download the Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra – a powerful video player that supports AVCHD formats, including files with the M2TS extension. Moreover, this player supports a wide range of other high definition video formats – almost anything from the standard AVI, DVD, MPG, DVD-mini, WMA, DivX Pro formats to the more recent Bluray formats that are in circulation.

This software package also comes with other cool features such as positioning of the subtitles bar below the video window for clarity, karaoke features, advanced audio output controls, and the like – all of which is integrated into a user friendly interface. The main window has a main video dock with two pullouts – one for audio controls and the other for auxiliary features.

Moreover, this application also increases your video editing abilities with the support of several codecs that are required for compatibility with packages such as VirtualDub.

You can purchase and download the latest version of the Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra software package from here.


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