Tricks to play .OGM extension video files in my computer / laptop

As the technology has been advancing, more and more extensions are popping up. .OGM is also a new video file extension and it cannot be played by most of the video players like quick time, real player or media player.

.OGM extension files are not supported by those video players but that does not mean we can’t run them on the computers. With new extension files, new video players are also popping up to support all kinds of files.

Now let us see how we can play any .OGM extension files. The only answer is VLC media player (download VLC). It is brand new video player software just like any other video player but it supports almost all kind of extension files.

Things you should consider to follow;

  1. Right click on .OGM extension video file.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. There will be an option called “opens with” and then right click on another option called Change.
  4. Click on VLC media player.
  5. Click ok to finish. Then again you have to click on ok to close the window.
  6. That’s it and you are done.

Next time any .OGM extension file will automatically run with VLC player.


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