Keep your PC tuned at all times with the Registry Mechanic

Someone has truly said that your PC is just like your car. Unless you take to the garage every once in a while, and have it serviced thoroughly, it might simply break down one fine day in the middle of a highway. The Registry Mechanic is the equivalent mechanic for your Windows PC. This amazing software keeps your Windows system well-tuned, and optimized for best performance at all times.

The primary feature of the Registry Mechanic is that it detects snags and inconsistencies in your registry (something that you cannot and should never try to do), and then fixes them in an instant. This is very crucial as flaws in your system registry can lead to inferior speed of performance, error messages, and can even cause your system to crash if things persist like that for a long time.

Hence, Registry Mechanic, first and foremost, prevents your computer from crashing on you. However, it also does a lot more. It keeps your computer at optimal performance levels, with the inbuilt functions of defragmentation, deep scans, and registry cleanups. All of these applications have been reported to be far better than the default tools that Windows systems have.

The best part is that this software has a simple and user friendly interface that takes all the tech-intensiveness out of cleaning up your registry. Considering that the registry is the sacred ground where no one wants to tread wrongly, the Registry Mechanic guides you through the registry minefield like a breeze. As a result, you can choose and customize you registry to your preferences, select the startup processes that you want, delete/disable unwanted processes, uninstall program residues in the registry, and much more.

The free trial version is not limited by time – it simply scans only six specific sections of the registry, giving you an incomplete protection. The full version costs $29.95. You can download Registry Mechanic from here.


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