You need a TIFF Image printer if you want to print high quality pictures which can be used for distribution or promotional purposes. TIFF image printers are just like the regular virtual Windows printer, similar to regular laser printers or inkjet printers but are perfect for printing TIFF images.

How Can I Print A TIFF Image Correctly From Windows Vista

Here’s how you can print TIFF images correctly from windows Vista :

1> Normally TIFF images are high resolution images, and color quality and image details of a high resolution image (related: search copyrighted images) will be top notch. The only disadvantage is that these images take up a lot of space and hence if you are on a system which struggles with memory then you are advised to change the resolution of the image as they take up less space, else specify the actual resolution of the image.

2> Depending on the purpose of where the printed image will be used, you can choose the color scale, choose high color scale and you’ll get really high colored images and mild colored print if you choose normal or low color scale. This is one of the main factors that control how an image looks.

3> Another important thing you need to select is the image layout. A portrait looks different from a landscape, so you need to select whether the image will be printed horizontally or vertically !

4> TIFF image printers will give you the standard paper size on which you want your image to be printed. If the available options do not suit your need then you can print in customize size format as well, but you should be careful while doing this as there is a possibility of the images length to breadth ratio may change and hence spoiling the picture completely.

The printing of the image with the selected setting starts as soon as you hit Run Command.

Another important usage of TIFF image printers are a fact that they can be easily passed on from one application to another as there are built-in commands to do this. This makes an application developers life easy as a developer can completely automate the process of converting documents to TIFF image files!

Not just this, but there are a lot more advantages of TIFF image printer which you can read here :

You can try the 30 day trial from and if you think it suits your need you know what to do… license your copy and not search for torrents !! 😛


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