Protect Gmail account from phishing

The best, fastest, and safest email provider definitely is Gmail. It is advanced and smooth to use and thus almost every people all around the world have a Gmail account. Thus because it’s popularity there are some hackers who try to phish your Gmail account to cause you harm.

Follow the tips mentioned below in order to stay away from being phished:

  1. Your web browser should be the latest one: Always try to update your web browser version. All you need to do is to download it and install. Updated version of web browsers are released because the previous version may seem to be giving some trouble. So try to keep you Gmail account safe by updating your web browser with the latest version.
  2. Removal of suspicious filters: You need to delete any unknown filters and keep it clean. To do so you have to click on settings and then filters. If you see any unknown filters then delete them right away. Never ever take a chance with your account. It is always important to protect your e-mail accounts, especially if they have any of your critical data. So if you don’t have any clue about the filters in your account, then delete them right away.
  3. Do not entertain any links that you receive through e-mail: Different organizations mail links to different people to promote their product. The hackers will also try to take advantage of this fact to hack your mailing account. Never open any link which you are not really aware of. Try to be more suspicious and alert on this matter. Delete any spam mails or the mails which you have doubts about. Don’t let hackers to fool you.
  4. Try not to reply to an unknown email: Hackers knows different ways to hack you and they try to use all of them on you to phish your account. One of their ways is to get a reply from you. They will mail you for different spam products and once you reply to that mail, they will trace your IP address. Once your IP address is known to them they can easily phish your Gmail account.


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