Converting WMA files to MP3 for your iPod

For those of you who use Windows PCs with your iPods, a simple problem (though not a big one) might be that your iPod will not play songs that are in the WMA format. To tackle this problem you simply have to convert the music files from the WMA format and then transfer them to your iPod. However, this is not so simple – as Windows Media Player does not have any such option, and neither does iTunes. And, you might not want to download a heavy-duty program from the web just for the express purpose of converting files from WMA to MP3 and nothing else.

A great alternative for Windows users is to download the Windows Audio Converter that is already there in all of the Windows XP Media Center Edition releases. This simple and easy-to-use software lets you inter-convert several audio formats amongst each other. Even if you do not have the Media Center Edition, you can get this converter in the Windows Media Bonus Pack for XP that you can download from the web. This includes a nice package of several off-beat, and handy, media tools that you will like.

However, in case you are not to keen on using Windows applications, there are tons of other options out there. The safest bet is to go to and take your pick. You will find a host of applications that are specially designed to convert audio files among the numerous formats easily and swiftly. You will find choices spread over expensive, licensed versions, and ready-to-use freeware.

Off the cuff, here is a list of softwares that you could potentially use – MediaMonkey, dBpoweramp Music Converter, Smart Audio Converter, and Power MP3 WMA Converter. Just for starters, you should try out Media Monkey – WMA to MP3 conversion is child’s play with it.


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