How to Embed YouTube Videos on Your MySpace Profile

Would you like to spruce up your MySpace profile with a little video from YouTube that really defines who you are? Chances are that you would love to do something as cool as that, but are totally clueless about how to do it. This article will tell you in a few simple steps how you can embed a YouTube video to your MySpace profile. It will involve a little bit of HTML, but all you have to do is copy-paste, so don’t worry. Simple follow the steps outlined below diligently.

  1. Open the YouTube video in a separate window/tab of your web browser.
  2. Log in to your MySpace account in a different tab/window of your browser.
  3. Select the Edit Profile option next to your profile photo.
  4. In the YouTube video page, toward the top-right, there are two fields that say URL and Embed. Copy the text contained in the Embed field.
  5. Say you want to embed the video at the end of the About Me section. Then, scroll down to the end of the About Me section, and paste the HTML text that you copied from the YouTube video page (shown below).
  6. Save the profile changes – and you are done.
  7. However, with the above steps, the video will start only when your profile viewers click on the Play button on it. In case you wish that it start automatically whenever anyone visits your profile do the following:
  • In the HTML text that you pasted from YouTube at the end of your About Me section, locate the part that goes something likevalue=””
  • Now, just before the quotes end at the end of this line, add the string
    &autoplay1 (as shown below).
  • This will ensure that your video plays automatically whenever someone visits your MySpace profile page.


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