Generally, in spite of your updating the functioning system of your computer regularly, problems do arise when activating Windows XP, wherein you have to enter Windows License Key number while installing. In case you have lost the Microsoft Windows CD, you can get back the lost number by utilizing freeware license finder that goes through your system registry files in order to retrieve your original key.

If you have misplaced the Windows serial key or finding it hard to eliminate any hardware error after Windows XP e-installs, then create an alternative of file ‘wpa.dbl’ in Windows 32 folder. ‘wpa.dbl’ is a database file for your system, where you can store XP activation key together with information on hardware arrangement. Whatever changes you make on the system, it will be shown in this file.

Hence, if you wish to retain the old system configuration, you will have to use the support of ‘wpa-dbl’ file and retrieve it after re-installing Windows XP to re-start your system.


“Be careful while implementing this step and always make sure you do this under guidance!”

First and foremost, you need to shift to the system 32 folder –

C:\Windows\system 32 folder; when Windows XP is already stored in the C drive.

Then look for file ‘wpa.dbl’ and create a support through normal ways like CD burning/ storing it in your floppy disk.

Now you can safely shift it to safe mode [F8] while re-installing the Windows XP.

Copy the previous ‘wpa.dbl’ file and re-store it to the system 32 folder! Now your job is done and Windows re-started is ready for use.


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