Ever been in a situation when you want to send an email, but couldn’t as your computer is down. You don’t remember the email addresses, have no access to phone or internet ? If you’ve been in such situation, you pretty much would hate it if you’d have to re-visit that situation.

Netcore has come up with a revolutionary solution for this problem, which is Email to SMS.

This works with with any ISP or Mailing solution(eg.Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, or any Linux based solutions). It works on all existing mobile phones, which allow messaging feature.

There is no need of GPRS or any other software. The New Email notifications are instant and there is no time lag, unless your phone is not reachable.

You don’t just read the snippet of the mail in your inbox, instead you’ll get to read the complete mail.

If you choose to use their service, then setting up a new account takes less than 5 minutes and your mails are safely stored on their server in an encrypted format.

This is the poor mans blackberry as it is rightly called.



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