We’ve spoken about some free fax services and paid online fax services, using which you can send fax to various locations.

Here’s how you can receive faxes if you are on the move. These two services will help you receive faxes right into email Inbox.

1> Packetel Online Fax Service :

How Can I Receive Fax In My Email ?

Using Packetel online fax service you can receive unlimited faxes in your inbox. They charge just $3.95 per month. You do not need any additional software.

You’ll be given two email ids in which you’ll receive the faxes. You’ll also get alerts on your phone when you receive faxes in your system.

You’ll receive alerts when new faxes arrive in your email id.

2> eFax :

How Can I Receive Fax In My Email ?

eFax is another service that lets you receive and send faxes from email. With eFax, you get all the benefits of paperless faxing.

You can choose your own number and also put it on your business card, and people can send fax to that number. Faxes sent to that number will be delivered right to your email, instantly !

Since it’ll be in you Email inbox, you can read it anytime, anywhere. You can forward those faxes too !

They have two plans eFax plus which comes at 19.95 / month and efax pro which comes at 19.95/month.

eFaxis the perfect solution for you if your buseinss relies on fax.


  1. those are some great suggestions above.

    I heard someone else mention google fax and sending faxes through gmail. This is pretty valuable to be able to get everything in one place. I get my voicemails, emails and faxes in my gmail account.

    Had it set up this way for a while now. I put together a few notes on how to set it up.


  2. Found your post in search results for gmail fax services or something like that. I just looked into that Packetel service and it looks very affordable and easy to use – just what I’m looking for. I think USA outgoing faxes were 7 cents a page, but I primarily need it for incoming faxes. Still, the 7 cents a page is cheaper than the $1.99 I was spending at faxzero or something like that for up to 15 pages (which was their limit). Faxzero (I’m not affiliated in any way) offers one free page faxed, and I’ve found it very handy for short and quick faxes, but now I need something more for incoming. If anyone browsing around here has used Packetel I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments here on their services. Although I’m thinking it’s cheap enough that if I don’t like it I won’t lose much. (You do have to pay the $3.95 in 3 month increments at a time by the way, but there are no hidden charges.) Just want to say thanks for the valuable lead!

  3. MyFax allows you to send and recieve 300 faxes from up to 5 different email addresses per month for 10/month – that includes either a local or toll free fax number

    If you need just need to send a fax, try MyFax Free, http://www.myfax.com/free , send a fax to domestic and international destinations for free.


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