K7 is a premiere web based unified messaging tool that channelizes all your faxes and voice mails to your email account. It offers you an independent voice mail box which need not be attached to your real phone number. This allows you to receive all your messages, regardless of their formats directly to your system. They are delivered to your email account in form of attachments. All you need to do is click on those attachments to access your messages. Further, it offers stringent security measures to guard your personal voice messages and faxes. This means, that except you no one can gain access to your voice mails or faxes.

The best feature of this application is that you can receive all your messages even in your absence in the office. In case, you are away from your personal pc and cant access the email, you can still open your received messages via K7 website. The only requisite for accessing this application is a system loaded with an internet connection. Plus, in order to hear your audible messages, you need a sound card, speaker or any audio software like winamp, real etc.

The installation of K7 Unified Messaging service is extremely simple. All you need to do is first visit its official website and register with them. Then, enter your official email id. You will receive the installation files of K7 as attachments. In case, you are a WebTv user, its installation files will be automatically read by your WebTV’s email viewer.

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