How Can I Record My Skype Conference Conversations In Real Time ?

Skype is one of the best and cheapest VOIP solutions available today. Quality wise, skype is one of my favorite as I hardly had to compromise !

I was searching for a list of free software that would help me record my conversations, either one on one or conference calls, and I found more than one software that would do what I was looking for :

1> Skype Call Recorder

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Skype Call Recorder does the recording work automatically. It starts recording all the conversations and conferences as soon they start. It saves the recorded conversation in MP3 format.

2> Skype Recorder +

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PowerGramo’s Skype Recorder + is another software which can be used to record your skype conversation / conferences. It supports MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV audio formats.

3> Call graph

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Call graphs free Skype recording software also is handy. Whats special about call graph is that they offer more services than just providing you the free recorder software.

You can order transcripts of your conversation for just $0.50/min of the recorded Skype conversation from Call graph. Pretty interesting business model 🙂

This video runs you through a Call graph Demo:

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