How Can I Recover My Windows Admin Password Which I Forgot – Free Password Recovery Tool

I forgot my Windows Admin Password and I am not able to login to my system!! What Can I do now? How can I login to my system as I have a lot of important data on my system? Are you in this situation? Well, if you are, then you are reading the right article, read on…

Password is necessary when user logs on to Windows, especially in those computers where the system is shared by more than one person at a time. Each user’s account will have different privileges like for example with a limited users account, the user can only manage to logon Windows and use the majority of the capacities of the computer, where as the admin will have rights to do everything on the system.

Admin account is the master account in Windows. When users login to Windows with admin account, they may do whatever in Windows and even can use to create extra user’s account in Windows. Since admin account has the full access right at Windows, the admin accounts password is the most important one else it’ll become quite messy if something goes wrong for whatever reason.

If something wrong goes on with the limited users account and is unable to logon to Windows, and admin can login and to Windows and change the password for limited user account. If you are unable to login with both accounts then you are in a soup as you’ll be left with no option but re-install Windows, which is not a situation you want to be in.

Now, you have PCLoginNow (a free password recovery tool) which can save u from this hazard as it can help you to recover your Windows password.

With PCLoginNow, which is free tool to reset local administrator and other accounts passwords on Windows system, users just have to boot with PCLoginNow CD and begin to recover the password, users not only can reset the password for each account but can also maintain, change accounts policy setting, change properties and change user’s account level (from restricted to administrator account or vice-versa).

Below are the catalogs of features that offer by PCLoginNow. User can reset any passwords on ANY Windows with 100 percent successful rate. Can simply bypass Syskey mechanism and reset the Windows passwords. Offline running: PCLoginNow runs on Linux Live CD. Uses the securest way to reset passwords and other settings. Do not have to fret about System corruption after using PCLoginNow.

Supports all Windows file systems including NTFS, FAT16, FAT32.  Supported Operating Systems including Windows Vista, Windows XP / XP with SP2, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2k / NT. Supported Hardwares PCs with IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB or Firewire ( IEEE 1394 ) Hard Disks and a large range of PCI, PCI-EX card are fully supported.

Straightforward to Use: PCLoginNow is designed for non-professionals, that means everybody can access their PC in only five mins.

Now with PCLoginNow, users can recover their password just with few easy steps and the minimum system needed to run the PCLoginNow  is PC compatible with minimum of 64MB memory and with the bootable CD drive.

[Download PCLoginNow]

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  1. A few days ago, I had met the headache things that I had forgotten Windows login password. The login screen rejected my passwords.
    I was frustrated because there was very important data on my disk and I couldn’t reinstall the OS. ………….
    However, I fortunately got to know the Reset Windows Password 1.3, which is a professional windows password recovery tool for us to
    reset windows 7 password instantly yet no data loss.


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