YouTube is the most popular platform where users can upload and share their videos. With millions of visitors everymonth this is the right channel if you want to share a video and get public opinion on it.

But YouTube has a restriction of 100 MB upload limit per each upload session. If you have a *.AVI video which is bigger than 100 MB in size, then you can use Zwei-Stein’s video editor to reduce the size of the AVI file.

If you have an old system, then you can use Zwei-Stein’s older  version which can be downloaded from here or go to this page.

If you have a fairly new system with more than 128 Mb RAM and a good processor, then you can download the more powerful, upgraded version of the free video editor from Download ZS4 video editor from here.

Here’s how you can reduce the size of the AVI file before uploading it to YouTube or elsewhere:

1> Make sure you have downloaded and installed Zwei-Stein or ZS4. Click on ‘File –> Import –> Import Video Clip‘. From the browser, select the file you want to reduce the size of.

2> Click Destination –> and select Video Format. Here you have to choose the minimal video resolution possible.

3> Again click on Destination –> and select Frames per second. Here, you have the choice to select the desired frames per second. The lesser the value, lesser will be size of the video, but be aware that this reduces the quality of the video as well.

4> And for one last time, click on Destination again –> Select Export –> Video for Windows –> name the file, select sound quality, (high quality will take more space hence choose average quality) and click on OK.

That’s it and you have successfully reduced the size of the AVI file. The software is a freeware if you use it for personal, home use. You have to check with the author if you pan to use the software for commercial software.

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  1. thanks for the tips..
    i have already ZS4 in my comp
    but i just cant find the things named “destination”
    im using the [email protected] ZweiStein v0.958 686. and there no “destination” things
    can u please help me??


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