How to remove an E-mail Account from Outlook Express

There might be several reasons for which you might want to remove an account that you once had installed on Outlook express. For instance, our email IDs keep on changing as life goes on, and we move from school to college to work. Alternatively, a particular account may be giving you problems – error messages and the like – and you might want to remove it and then reload it. Whatever be the particular cause, removing an account from Outlook Express is very simple and this article will outline the steps that you need to execute to do so.

However, if you are deleting this account because it is giving you error messages, you might first want to look into the kind of error message and if there are any other workarounds for it. Removing (and then reloading) the account is a gross-scale way of tackling the problem and might not solve the problem at all sometimes.

The following steps guide you in removing an Outlook Express account.

  1. Run Outlook Express.
  2. Navigate to the following option: Tools -> Accounts.
  3. A new dialog – called Internet Accounts – will pop up. Click on the Mail tab.
  4. In the Mail tab, you will find a list of the accounts that are being currently being managed by Outlook Express. The account that you wish to remove should also be on this list. Select that particular account by clicking on it once.
  5. After selecting the account, click on the Remove button to the right.
  6. A confirmatory warning dialog will pop up, asking you if you really want to delete the so-and-so account. Click on OK.
  7. You will be now taken back to the Internet Accounts dialog, and you will find that the account that you have deleted is not there in the list anymore. Click on the Close button to exit this window.


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