Read the complete tutorial which briefs you how to manage passwords in Firefox.

Here we see, how we can remove a password which has been saved in Firefox by mistake. This can happen either because you accidentally authorized Firefox to store your password, or because you have to share your computer with other members of your family and you do not want to compromise on your privacy by giving them access to auto-login to your account.

How to remove a saved password in Firefox

  1. Open fire fox then go to “tools” in menu bar
  2. Click on “option”
  3. Then click on “security”
  4. Select the Saved Passwords button under password head.
  5. A window will appear named as Save Password window, remove the password for any site that you do not wish Firefox to remember and click on Remove or Remove All.

Read this post if you clicked ‘Never for this site‘ accidentally and you want to save password for that particular site.


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