Windws XP SP2 introduces a few new twists to TCP / IP to babysit users and reduce the specter of worms spreading fast without control. In one such attempt, the devs have limited the quantity of probable TCP connection attempts per 2nd to ten ( from unlimited in SP1 ).

This argumentative feature can most likely affect server and P2P programs that need to open several outbound connections at the same time. My download and upload speed on Torrent and P2P has decelerated down fantastically after updating to Windows XP Service Pack two. The file TCPIP.SYS must be changed to have more TCP connections. Sadly there exists no REG-key which could simply be set ( would be so nice and simple, right? *smile* ).

The file TCPIP.SYS in the directory C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS and C:WINDOWSSERVICEPACKFILESI386 has to be modified ( system dependent finally in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DLLCACHE, too ). Markus Goslar from LvlLord has made a patch called Event ID 4226 Patcher ( 4226 fix ).

It immediately patches your TCPIP.SYS to permit TCP connection from ten to fifty by default. You can cite the quantity of TCP connection attempts you need too. To revive your TCP connection attempts if you have patched your TCPIP.SYS, just run the patcher again, and it’ll prompt you if you’d like to revive your TCP connection to ten.


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