AutoPlay or AutoRun is the menu option that pops up automatically on installing any removable drive in your system. When we insert a CD, DVD, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, USB Flash drive, memory card reader or any other external drive, Windows launch a menu called AutoPlay. This menu is loaded with several options. Some of these options are CDBurn XP, DT Sync Media on arrival, VLC Play CD Audio On arrival, VLC Play DVD Movie on Arrival etc. These options let you decide the actions you want to operate with the inserted drive. This menu bar also displays some options that are invalid or junk. In such a case, CleanHandler is used to fix the entries in the AutoPlay menu.

CleanHandler is an immense utility program that permanently deletes invalid entries from the AutoPlay menu. If you run your external drives using the invalid entries in the menu, they will undergo incomplete download. Therefore, to terminate such junk entries from the menu window, CleanHandler has been launched. Even if you are not aware of the utility of a particular option in the menu, this tool searches for its details. It will automatically delete all the new and junk items. Invalid items like <need provider>, <select an action to perform> will be permanently delete from the list.

This tool has no provisions to add new options to the menu. It has provisions only for deleting the options. This tool also cleans up the bad registry entries as well. Thus this application is one of the most potent applications to protect your system against invalid programs.

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