How to Reset Phone Lock Code in Motorola W220.

Recently I happened to meet a friend who had this problem with his second hand Motorola W220. The owner happened to be too keen to keep his messages and phone book private that he locked those applications with a PIN number. He asked me to find a way to reset his password. Digging on the internet I found this code called the E2p for the Motorola W220 mobile.

How to Reset Phone Lock Code in Motorola W220.

Here are the steps to reset the phone lock code in your Motorola. But be warned that you will LOSE ALL DATA in your mobile. So have a backup!

1> Type *#778337# and press the SEND (Green color button).
2> The phone restarts by itself.
3> Congratulations! Your phone lock has been reset to the default code and all restrictions are removed. .

I have tested the code only on Motorola W220. Try this code at your own risk. Also do let me know via comments if this code works on any other Motorola mobiles.


  1. Hey, I have a Motorola Moto Yuva W181. It is made in India and IMEI is 359223/01/370456/9. I kept a password long back, but I have forgotten the password and now is asking for the 4 digit code when I switch my cell on. It is of no use for me now. Please some one assist me with that. Thanks!

  2. I have Motorola W220.I forgot my PHONE LOCK CODE and its get switched off.Now when i am going to switch it on then its asking for “PHONE LOCK CODE”.Please help me to get it back my PHONE LOCK CODE my IMEI No.353006011860681.Please reply me at my email id – [email protected]. Please help me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance.


  4. hi there. I have a motorola w220.. I forget what password did i set for the phone lock. what can i do to reset it??

  5. hey i have a motorola razor iv forgootten the pin for locking applications such as messages anyone know how to reset it?

  6. Hi i have a motorola w220 and i jst recently turned it on and it comes up saying that i have to put in a phone lock code i have tryed everything i would have put but it doesnt work. i have also tryed 0000, 000000, 1234, 12345, *#**778337#, ETC. but nothing seems to work. Can someone please please help me???

  7. how to unlock phone lock code of moto w220 …. i have tried that *#**778337# and the phone is restarted but still the code is not working…..later i tried the reseted code ie. 1234 but failed….help me

  8. How to Reset Phone Lock Code in Motorola EM30

    Recently I happened to meet a friend who had this problem with his second hand Motorola EM30. but when i started i phone it ask for a code kindly send me the lock code alternative to start the phone, and even language of this phone was also changed in some other language.


  9. @Admin
    Hey i appreciate u have helped many of ur site visitors but many face the problem of operation not successful so actually the master reset code for Motorola W220 is

    *#**778337# and click send key thats it ur phone gets switchd off and when u switch it on u will find that all the locks have been removed and ressetted to the default lock code…

    Note: All the msgs, contacts, images etc are also deleted!!!

    Nihaar Gujjar
    Bollywood Paradize

  10. Hi,
    I have a Motorola T192. I cannot acces the phone because the phone code I normaly put is wrong. The phone unlock code that I use is 1234. Kindly assist me to access my phone.
    I am in Nairobi, Kenya.

  11. @Teia – Do you the PUK number of your phone ? If you do, then key in wrong phone lock or security code 4-5 times. Your phone will be locked and you’ll be asked for PUK code. Enter te PUK code and your passwords will be reset to default, if you have already done this and still not able to unlock the code, then better contact a local vendor near your place.

    Keep us posted how it does.

  12. I think it’s the problem with the country of your cell. Can you let me know where you are using the phone. Maybe then I can try to help. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. These codes are specific to the country of manufacture. So maybe that’s the issue.


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