How Can I Run Batch File or DOS Command Prompt in Explorer

How To Run Batch File or DOS Command More Faster?

If you a Windows person, then on lot of occasions you’ll have to Run your DOS command to complete an array of small tasks quickly and efficiently. If you have more than one command to run at a time, then it becomes a little hectic to maintain all the prompts at a time. To run a DOS command, you first need to launch command prompt and the commands are run inside the command. Now if you have run Batch files in similar mode, imagine the complexity involved. Batch files will be usually used to run some scripts which will either set or configure certain system properties. And if you have a faulty batch file, then it is nightmare to debug them or test them.

Another problem is you’ll have to navigate to the directory where the batch process is located.

To make things easier, you can use Command Prompt Explorer Bar. It is a free tool that is extended within your Windows Explorer. This adds up to your productivity, as the command console can be run from within the explorer and hence there won’t be necessity to change path.

Run Batch File or DOS Command More Faster By Embed Command Prompt in Explorer

Run Batch File or DOS Command More Faster By Embed Command Prompt in Explorer

Command Prompt Explorer Bar allows the user to run command prompt on any batch file or any application within the explorer.

This tool is perfect for all those who use command prompt especially administrators !!

[Download Command Propmt Explorer Bar]

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