Winamp is just a few weeks old, and it gives you a description on the application support, which means to say that a brief knowledge of the bugs and some software which do not work on Windows 7 beta are mentioned. Winamp Mp3 player is an application which does not function for Windows 7, following instant set up.

If Winamp is already installed in your Windows 7, it will work, but will crash after a few seconds, for which you have to replace the previous configuration file from Winamp in order to be able to listen to audio music. Move to the Winamp configuration setting file and to do that, open your default OS installed drive [Ex: C Drive].

C:/Documents and Settings \USER NAME \Application Data\ Winamp.

See that you change the user name with your system user name to locate this config file. Take care to ensure that you are able to see all the hidden files in the folder and keep a back up ready at hand, for whenever needed. Now you can erase the previous configuration; reset Winamp Media Player, sit back and relax while using Winamp on Windows 7! Also ensure that there are no third party plugins which can be a major cause for the ma functioning of your Winamp player!


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