Save and Access Multiple Network Settings Profiles with Ease: Use NetSetMan

If you have a traveling job that involves visits to different companies / institutions / universities all the time, you have to hook up with the local internet network at the place you are visiting. This is the case if you don’t have a personal wireless broadband connection. However, the problem with going to these places that have their own internet network securely set up is that you have to enter a different set of proxies and internet settings every time.

Consider the situation that you had to visit a place X twice in a month from place Y, thus you have to change your internet and wireless networking settings four times within the span of a few weeks. This can be quite frustrating if this has to be done all throughout your life.

Well, it turns out that a software called NetSetMan can save you from this mess. This application stores the various internet settings and then you can load these settings as and when you please – all without having to enter all of those 8-9 digit IP addresses.

NetSetMan can support 6 different profiles with different internet settings and these profiles can be imported selectively into your network connections settings. The settings details include the typical internet settings that you encounter in any web browser. You have to enter the IP Address, the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary /Secondary DNS Server addresses, the DNS Domain, and the WINS Server. You also have settings for Computer Name, Workgroup, Run Scripts, and the default printer. Thus, NetSetMan stores settings for the printer drive and configuration settings for network drives as well.

Further, the FastSwitch option on the taskbar allows you to switch between two profiles with just two mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all Windows versions and is freely available. You can download it from here.



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