Recording Streaming Audio from the Internet

Many of us would like to have a magical software that allows us to record streaming audio that we most often listen to on the internet. It would save us so much of trouble in terms of finding torrents/P2Ps for our favorite songs and music albums. Well, the good news is that many programs out there are especially designed for this purpose. However, you do have to do a bit of groundwork and hit-and-trial before you wind up with the one that is most suitable for you.

Some names that are worth checking out are TotalRecorder, ASFRecorder, WireTap, Polderbits Sound Recorder, StreamRipperX (for Mac), radiotracker, and FairStars Recorder. Although there are many more out there, these are a few that are doing the rounds these days.

Applications like the TotalRecorder and Polderbits Sound Recorder will record everything and anything that you play on your (Windows) PC’s speakers. WireTap is a similar package designed for Mac systems. Polderbits Sound Recorder also gives you options to cut the recorded file into pieces/individual tracks.

RadioTracker is a unique software in this case as it records live streaming audio from a huge number of supported radio stations that it connects to. It even allows you to access multiple streams at one go.

Most of the above softwares have similar features, and most of them are not freewares. However, the trick is to find that occasional freeware that does the job just as well. StreamRipperX is one such application for the Mac OS, and FreeCorder for Windows.

Older softwares that have been around in the music business for a greater time – such as Nero – also have recording and track creation and inter-conversion of music format abilities in its professional version. However, this goes unappreciated most of the time.

You might want to go through the features of some programs that you already have with you for recording capacities before downloading a new one.

One word of caution is that you should check with DMCA and see if it’s legal to record the stream which you plan to. This falls under your own risk and you should be careful when you plan to record!


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