One of the biggest problem these days, when it comes to internet is, there are a lot of sniffers sitting around trying to capture every single word you type in on your compute

Just imagine that you are trying to search for something on Google, something really personal, and what if this search of yours is being intercepted and is being read by a third party ?

You are in your office, trying to find some information about a new job you are interested in applying. You run a search query on your system and this information goes straight to your bosses inbox!!

Would you want to compromise your security to technology ? The answer is definitely a NO.

Now Google offers search over SSL (those of you who have no idea what SSL is, follow this link), which ensures that your search is private and secure from any external interference.

Google surely understands the need of the day, but then again, Google themselves keep track of what you are searching, so it like Google plans to become a monopoly in knowing what customers / users want ??

Google SSL:


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