Do you suspect that your girlfriend or boyfriend is hiding from you by being invisible on Yahoo Messenger ? Now you can easily spy on them and find out if they are being invisible and trying to hide from you on Yahoo Messenger.

Buddy spy is a free application that helps you analyze and keep a check on the activities of other people using Yahoo Messenger. This application helps you monitor the activities of other Yahoo messenger users, even if they are in an invisible mode. It gives you the details on the status of the messenger user, like, their chat room, the applications they are using. Buddy Spy is well equipped to connect with all the messenger servers using YMSG protocol.

With Buddy Spy, you can easily check if your friend is online or not, regardless of their invisible mode. While you track the status of your friends / enemies, they will not get any possible hint of your activity. This application helps you detect if the other user is a part of the default profile or the alias profile. It will also help you to check if your messenger friends are using their web cam or not. With an improved GUI, Buddy Spy offers a new and easy-to-comprehend interface.

Buddy Spy can be installed on browsers like Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000, ME and XP. It helps you better your chat experience with Yahoo messenger by providing a varied number of settings to customize your interface. It helps you in conducting a room check as well as the stealth check to learn the exact details of other users without the fear of being caught or scanned.

The latest and improved version of Buddy Spy is loaded with more user friendly settings that keeps you timely updated on the changes in the status of your messenger friends.

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  1. i am trying to use this buddyspy,i sign up new account but its showing that the protcol is n longer supported?? can u help me please….

  2. Is your Friend hiding from you?? Don’t worry this service allows you to Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger users

    Just visit

    1. Enter the desired username in the check box.
    2. Click on Check.
    3. Status of your friend will be shown.


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