I remember my school days, especially the results day used be a terror. Even if you know you’ve done well, you’ll certainly feel the uneasy nervous feelings for sure.

I used to hate going to school or college to check results, and then came checking the results on website which was a boon ! But most websites are not prepared for the kinda traffic during the results time and hence the site may go down because of bandwidth issues.

But what if you could get your examination results on your cell phone ? This has been implemented by http://www.examresults.net/ . First go to : http://www.examresults.net/sms.htm and check if your result is currently available.

How Can I See My Examination Results On SMS in India ?

Then send an SMS to the specified number and receive the results on your cell phone. It’s that simple.

Results currently available through SMS are :

1> Andhra Pradesh General 2nd Year In Intermediate Results

2> Andhra Pradesh Vocational 2nd year In Intermediate Results

3> Himachal Pradesh Board Plus Two Science Results.

Check Exam Results for more details.

PS: There wil be a premium rate applicable to the SMS’s you send from your phone, which normally is Rs 6 INR, but may vary depending on your service provider.



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