How Can I See Videos On YouTube without Ads ?

March 26th, 2009

How Can I See Videos On YouTube without Ads ?

If you are a regular YouTube viewer, then I’m sure you will be annoyed by all those ads and cheesy ‘not worth a dime’ comments. This is how your YouTube video page currently looks like right ?

How Can I See Videos On YouTube without Ads ?

QuietTube is a perfect solution for you, if you just love to watch the videos and the videos alone .. no advertisements, no related videos and no worthless comments, nothing else :) .. QuietTube is not an add-on or anything as such. It’s a simple redirect URL, embeds the URL of the video you want to watch and opens in a new page. This is how your video will look after using QuieTube :)

How Can I See Videos On YouTube without Ads ?

Here’s how you can use QuieTube :

1> Go to QuieTube

2> Follow this – tutorial which will help you set up your quietube

That’s it !

Enjoy ads free videos. QuieTube is kinda tailor made for Firefox now, Internet Explorer – here I come :) ..

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