How to transfer or sell your Blog’s BlogSpot?

There are myriads of people who posts blots for different reasons but the most reason they do Blogging is to earn handful amount of money. Earning money from blog is quite simple way if you know how.

All you need to do is, at first create a blog, work on that blog by putting some quality contents and if your blog is good enough then you earn money out of it. This is dependable and kind of steady way of earning money. There are many sources, like chitika, AdBrite, Adsense, Kontera and lots more, who displays add in your blog or site and pay you money depending on your performance.

Now there are lots of bloggers who sell their Blogs to somebody else to earn more money at once. All they do is they make a great blog having good PR and Alexa rank for that blog and then they sell it. Now at present stage if that Blog worth 100 dollars for a month then that Blogs costs not less than 1000 dollars for the buyer. That means he gets 10 times of what he used to get for a month. After selling the blog and making damn good profit they make another one and the story repeats so on.

Now you may think that how to sell the blog which you have already hosted? There are many bloggers who do that. You may as well think that since there are no options like sell your blog then how come it is possible?

Well there is an answer for that but prior to know that if you have to bear one thing in mind that it is against TOS so you need to be careful. All you need to do is to post it as information, that’s it.

Consider you have a Blog on BlogSpot which you want to transfer, follow the steps please:

Step 1:

Sign in to your account of BlogSpot.
There will be a “settings’ tab in your blog. Click on that tab of that blog which you are willing to sell.
Go to “Permissions” tab.
Then, go to “Add Authors” tab.
Put the email-id of the person you either want to sell to or transfer to in the box.
Click on Invite. Then the person is invited to join your Blog as author of that Blog.

Step 2:

Once that person has accepted your invitation he will be allowed to have you blog in his account’ dashboard.
After that person has accepted your invitation you will be allowed to see his mail id in permission tab and next to which will be an option named” Add as Admin”. Hit on it and he will be another admin of the same Blog.
Your invited person and you will be admin of the Blogs. To make it simple, that Blog will have two admins.
Then the rest is quite predictable. He is allowed to do any change or do anything with that Blog and you have no right to stop him.

Step 3:

The last and final step is to delete yourself from that Blog which will be done by your invited person on your request.
When you will be deleted, he will gain solo and full access to that Blog which also means that he owns the Blog. You work is done. You have transferred or sold your Blog without violating any rules and regulation.
Transferring or selling Blogs is strictly prohibited so please do not try to violate the terms and condition. If you have been found your Blogs could be banned and you will never ever get it back.


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