How Can I Send Huge Videos To My Friend Over Email ?

March 29th, 2009

How Can I Send Huge Videos To My Friend Over Email ?

Recently a visitor asked me how they could send a video to their friends over mails ?

Well, firstly I’d say that it’s a bad idea to send Videos over mail and the reason is, you never know what kind of connection the person at the other end has. If in case, the person has a good internet connection, then all’s well, else everything gets messy.

Not the second point, if your video file is large, then you pretty much can’t send it as an attachment, and the reason – most emails have a limit on the attachment size !

So, wondering what’s the best solution to send a video to your friend ?

I’d say use free file hosting services to upload your file and send the URL to your friend. There are a couple of multiple file hosting services you can use and you can be sure that your file will be available even if it’s taken of one or the other site. My personal recommendation is as they let you host a file of size 100 MB and it’s easiest to use.

How Can I Send Huge Videos To My Friend Over Email ?

If you don’t want your file to be publicly available, then you can upload it on YouTube, and mark it as private and supply the PIn to people who you want to share the video with. Once again, Youtube has it’s own limitation in terms of the file size, you can split the video into smaller units and upload them as series before sending them.

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    Can u give another option of sending videos thru internet???
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