Setting up the Evolution Email Client in Ubuntu

The Evolution email client often misses the limelight for some strange reason. However, if you are using Ubuntu, this email client has a lot to offer. Thus, you have certainly taken the right step on deciding to set up the Evolution email client for managing your email accounts on the web. This article will simply show you that this is a fairly easy process – and list out the steps you have to take to successfully configure Evolution for yourself.

Here is what you have to do.

  1. Navigate to Applications -> Internet -> Evolution from the Menu bar to the top of your Ubuntu desktop.
  2. The Evolution Setup Assistant kicks off (this happens only if you, or any other user, have not set up Evolution for e-mail before on the PC).
  3. Click the Forward button.
  4. Enter your name and the e-mail address that you wish to configure with the client.
  5. Click the Forward button.
  6. You are taken to the Receiving Email stage. Here, you first have to select the server type – choose POP from the list available.
  7. More options related to POP are made visible. Enter the relevant details – including server, username and password (if you don’t know what to enter for Server, you can get the information from the POP help section of your email provider on the web).
  8. Click on Forward.
  9. Now, you are taken to the Receiving Options stage. Select the options that you prefer, and click Forward.
  10. In the Sending Email tab that follows, select the Server Type (generally SMTP) and enter the relevant details. Again, you can obtain the necessary information regarding this on the POP mail section of your email provider’s site.
  11. Click the Forward button.
  12. The Account Management tab follows – simply click Forward.
  13. In the Timezone tab, select the appropriate timezone you wish to use.
  14. Click the Forward button.
  15. You finally reach the Done stage. Here, click on Apply to finish the setup process.

That’s it – you’re done!


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