For Your Desktop Wallpaper Set a Video Instead Of an Image

Let us see how to set video as wallpaper:

  1. The first and main thing you need is VLC media player. You can download it for free from internet if you don’t have VLC.
  2. Go to settings, then click on preferences then interface and click on main interfaces and go to wxwidgets.
  3. Check the systray Icon and uncheck the Taskbar from the advanced option.
  4. Click on video then output module and click on DirectX.
  5. Advanced option should be checked.
  6. Wallpaper mode should be enabled by checking that.
  7. Repeat current item should be checked after you have selected the playlist
  8. Save the setting and close VLC media player. Start it again.
  9. Run any video on VLC media player, by right clicking on the video a pop down menu will appear and choose wallpaper.
  10. Your video will be set as wallpaper.


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