I stumpled upon a very interesting site today.

There are a lot of surfers like me who are addicted to the internet, especially to social networking sites and video sharing sites. I spend a lot of time on Youtube and share some of the interesting videos with my friends.

At times, I bump into videos, where I’d want to share only a part of the video and not the complete video, per say I’d want to share a part of a video, 21st sec to 34th second. If I need to do this the conventional way, then I’ll either ask my friends to ‘watch out’ for the timer to hit 21 sec or download the video, edit it and upload it again for my friends to view it.

Splicd solves this problem in one simple step. Very innovative way to make use of the YouTbue API :).

How Can I Share Only A Part Of You Tube Video With Friends And Family

As you can see in the image, you just enter the URL of the YouTube video, enter the start time and end time and click on Continue. That’s it and you are done. You’ll be taken to a page where only the part you wish to view will be on display and you also get the modified YouTube link which you can embed in any site you want.

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