Keith mentioned about Rahul’s post on How To Shutdown, Restart and Logoff your Windows Vista / Windows XP from any Remote Computer using Twitter.

Shobankr has come up with an unique tool which will either shutdown, restart or logoff remotely, using twitter. Download TweetMyPC from You should be logged in to TweetMyPC and the system should be connected to the internet for this trick to work.

This is a very handy tool if you’ve forgotten to shut your PC / Computer / Laptop down in office or at home (remember the times you had to get back home from where ever you were and had let you system on back at work ?).

All those who were wondering what different kind of applications would come around twitter, just keep our eyes open as you’ll be now bombarded with tons of useful application like the one Shobankr has come up with.

[ Download TweetMyPC Setup ]

[ Download TweetMyPc Source Code ]



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