The programs listed when you click the Start button are the short cut to start those programs. When you click the Start button, and the Start menu pops up and you will see a few programs listed there. Clicking on any of the program will effect in Windows loading the program for you.

Now there will be situations when you’ll see that the program you wanted is not listed in the menu. In such situation click All Programs, near the bottom of the Start menu. Another menu pops up, this one listing the names of programs and folders full of programs. Spot your program? Click the name, and Windows kicks that program to the front of the screen.

If you still don’t see your program listed, try pointing at the tiny folders listed on the All Programs menu. The menu fills with that folder’s programs. If you still don’t find it, most likely your program is not listed in the Start Menu and you’ll have to navigate to the actual place where the program is and start the application from there.

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